Why Photography?

I started my journey with photography out of a frustration over the lack of suitable stock imagery. I would constantly run into the same issue time after time, the stock images available for my graphic design projects were always “just not quite right”. At some point I just thought to myself, “I’ll just create it myself” not knowing that that very decision would begin my photography adventure. I’ve dabbled in a few different genres of photography from studio, fashion, product, macro, lifestyle, sport, unit, event and night photography. So far, my favorites of all are both night and macro photography.

Desert Camping

Milky Way Collection

Faint Neowise Comet

Yeti In The Poppies

Beauty And The Poppies

Poppy Field Fun

Ground Pound Coffee

Adventure Rigs

Call of Duty – SeattleTeam Unit Shots

Christina Milian – Editorial Unit Shots

Bacari – GDL Restaurant