Beauty And The Poppies

Yeti In The Poppies

Poppy Field Fun

Christina Milian – Editorial Unit Shots

Call of Duty – SeattleTeam Unit Shots

Bacari – GDL Restaurant

The Milky Way

Desert Camping

Adventure Rigs

Ground Pounder Coffee

Why Photography?

I started my journey with photography out of a frustration over the lack of suitable stock imagery. I would constantly run into the same issue time after time, the stock images available for my graphic design projects were always “just not quite right”. At some point I just thought to myself, “I’ll just create it myself” not knowing that that very decision would begin my photography adventure. I’ve dabbled in a few different genres of photography from studio, fashion, product, macro, lifestyle, sport, unit, event and night photography. So far, my favorites of all are both night and macro photography.