Portrait of photographer Alejandra Valencia holding her camera up to her face in a photography shooting pose.

Artistically known as AVA the CREATIVE, I’m a photographer with a digital design background. Welcome to the place I get to showcase my creations! Here you’ll see some examples of content I’ve produced that combine photography, design, and the use of unconventional solutions.

Creating for the WHAT,
the WHY,
and the WoW.


Samples of digital design, photography, and print productions can be browsed below.



Below are my personal favorite photographs and a print layout I’ve created.

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Mobius Arch with Milky Way

Composite photograph combining the Mobius Arch and Milky Way at night.

Pomegranates On Pomegranates

Pomegranates displayed on a table at a farmers market.

Summer Surfer

As a Creative Director for the LA Fashion Magazine this photoshoot was coordinated and oversaw by Alejandra.

Jeep Nights

Night desert scene with a Jeep as the focal point.

Christina Millian Unit Shots

This photograph was taken to capture the moments behind the scenes of a photoshoot being produced for a print and online fashion magazine.