Holá! Hey! Hi! Hello!

Alejandra Valencia here, let’s get right to it, shall we? I’m a hybrid. A creative brain paired with technical skills and topped with a ginormous dollop of humanistic empathy. I’m fully aware to the fact that I am a “people pleaser” thus justifying my need for making every interaction with any one a pleasant and productive one. I am in constant search of how to make things more simplistic while getting the most meat off the bone as efficiently as possible. One of my better qualities is my efficiency, it allows for no interest in taking the long route or wasting any binge watching time. I’m all for bringing solutions, not problems, to the table. Collaboration is a strong comfort zone for me, although I can stand on my own just fine. Reminds me of my tennis years, I played as both a singles and doubles player. As a singles player I was seated 2nd in the league, right behind my doubles teammate. Together we were ranked the #1 doubles team in our division. I’m a strong believer in both honesty as the best policy and full transparency, without either a foundation for trust is vulnerable. From time to time I can be a bit of a word smith but my visual communication and actions will always speak louder than anything I will ever write, even if I write it in ALL CAPS! 

My personal interests can give you some insight into my personality. I absolutely adore my Miniature American Eskimo pup, Yeti Spaghetti (IG @thewyldyetispaghetti). If my life could be all about adventures with him I would be the luckiest gal in the universe. I love all things humor, my safety zone is humor. When I’m uncomfortable, scarred, happy, excited, nervous, basically when I have any type of emotion I make a joke. Yup, sometimes they maybe inappropriate, but hey it’s how I deal. As an almost Halloween baby, I enjoy all things horror, what I actually fear is heights! On a bad day I enjoy cuddling up with a nice cup of Ibarra Hot Chocolate (made with milk, not water, let’s be clear) and watching a good thriller. (Insert thriller beat here.) As much as I love hanging out and decompressing on my super comfy couch directly across from my beloved T.V. I also take comfort and reenergize with the wonderful outdoors amongst the giant trees in the forrest, the tremendous boulders in the dessert, the frisky brisk water in the river from the melting snow caps in late summer and the blankets of both sunshine and star-shine in the sky. 

I realize that up until now I haven’t mentioned what I do, well…I do a bit of this and a bit of that within the creative field. My educational background is with graphic design and my field background is in photography with working knowledge in video. With the combination of an understanding of the theories of design and theories of photography I become a well equipped team member that can create and produce. Communicating visually is what I do. My portfolio is inclusive of product photography, editorial photography, lifestyle photography, branding and full magazine production (from beginning to end, not to leave out working directly with the printer to select the paper to also laying out and designing the full magazine as well as producing the content).

In a nutshell, I work well with others, I enjoy being innovative, providing solutions is good for my being, creating an experience is exciting to me , visual communication is of major interest, and I’m a superstar in human relations. 

OH! Just a few more things that are very telling of me as an individual… I have a few favorite colors; Glitter, Rainbow, Galaxy and Desert Sunset. I have fully embraced my glitter roots, although I have heard some people refer to them as “grays”. I’m a fan of Los Doyers (The LA Dodgers). Camping is my favorite weekend activity and if I could be a Mermaid I would.